Class Description of Arts

The San Soo and Wing Chun Arts are taught in conjunction with one another, each style fulfilling a purpose.

Age Requirements:  (Age 16 and older) if the student is a minor, they must be invited by the Sifu to attend Adult Class.

San Soo

The Art of Kung Fu San Soo is comprised of " five familes" of diverse yet very inter-related facets. Each facet is an art into itself . Tsoi, Li and Ho were family names & each family had its own specializd fighting system. Tsoi, Li and Ho combined their system around Fut and Hung. In truth; 5 familes with 3 aspects. Tsoi-Ga:  Addresses the Art of Striking.Li-Ga: Deals with relationship of Balance & Leverage. Uses throws, takedowns, and submissions. Ho-Ga: addresses "empty hand combat" in respect to vital points and accuracy. Fut-Ga: addresses the unity of mind & body, drawing upon one's self-confidence. Hung-Ga: involves the conditioning of the body through forms, strength training, and dynamic exercises.

Wing Chun

Is a Principle-based Martial Art form of Self-Defense utilizing both striking & grappling while specializing in close-range combat. Although the art can benefit any size person, it is especially suited towards smaller-statured practitioners in that the stances and strikes "tie-in to body structure".

Tai Chi -Yang Style (Age 15 and older)

One of the most popular and widely practiced Tai Chi styles. Known for its' teaching of "Fluid, Slow Movements" to help practitioners relax and to feel the flow of energy within their bodies. With its "grace" and emphasis on relaxation, smooth internal energy'; there are however, martial applications embedded in the forms, this area is also addressed within classes. A highly recommended class.

Family Tiger Classes ( 1 parent and children 5 y/o and up)

Students are taught foundational skills; punches, kicks, blocks, footwork, forms, and basic self defense. Staff, sword, and cane handling will also be taught as  skills increase. Basic life skills are also covered in lessons such as self-discipline but "discipline, respect, and manners" need to come from the child's home first, we can add to those skills throughout classes. Class will meet 1 x per week, arrive on time!